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We are experts in pool table installation! - Pool Table Installation Made Simple
At Table Tek, we look forward to installing your new pool table. Below is a brief overview of the general process that we use in the installation of new pool tables:

  1. We assemble the cabinet frame and attach the legs.
  2. We locate the table in room and double check with the customer.
  3. Typically, the frame is leveled before installing the slate.** Some designs vary.
  4. With the use of machinist quality levels, we level the slates individually and on the same plane as the other. We are able to reach the most level playing condition possible, our leveling system is far more accurate than the manufacturing tolerance of the slate itself.
  5. The seams of the slate are bonded together so they cannot shift and then waxed.
  6. Our team of technicians installs cloth to current industry standards on the frame and rails.
  7. We double check the table after cloth goes on the slate before the final assembly.
  8. We go over the maintenance and care instructions to get the most life out of the cloth.

Pool Table Installation We've installed the latest pool table models from Brunswick, Diamond, Fusion and many more. We should also state that new pool tables (like just about everything else) are manufactured within tolerances that vary with price point. Typically the issues that would bother us as mechanics will not affect play or the longevity of the table. Occasionally manufacture defects are found on brand new tables. They can be in the form of a drip in the clear coat or a slate that has a slight twist in it. We will inspect your new pool table. We will inform you of any defects and we will follow up with the manufacture when prudent.

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Call us today to get your pool table installed. Our customer service representatives are ready to take your call Mon-Fri 9-5pm. Call us today at 215-855-5691 or Toll Free 844-822-5835 (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm), or 215-622-8899 (after hours and emergencies).